Clinical Research

What is a clinical trial?

Clinical research studies, or clinical trials, help researchers learn more about a potential treatment. Clinical trials are needed to make sure a medicine is safe and works before it is approved by regulatory agencies like the Food and Drug Administration (FDA).

During a clinical trial, researchers want to find answers to many questions: Is the medicine safe? Does it work? Does it work better than other treatments available? What are the side effects?

Why join a clinical trial?

Joining a trial is an important, personal decision. There are many reasons to consider joining.

Access to a potential medicine

Access to study tests
and care

Help advance science

Potentially help save or improve lives of other people living with your disease

Learn more about your disease

There is no cost to join a clinical trial

People who volunteer and join a clinical trial help make new medicines possible. There are benefits and risks to joining a clinical trial. The study team will review all of them with you as part of the informed consent process.

Learn more about clinical trials

These resources have more information about clinical trials—including how your privacy and safety are protected.